Sintra, architecture and nature in perfect harmony

Sintra, architecture and nature in perfect harmony

In 1995, UNESCO added Sintra to the Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the ‘cultural landscape' category, as the city offers a perfect balance between natural beauty and a rich historical setting.

Just 30 km north of Lisbon, Sintra was built at the foot of the Serra de Sintra by members of the Portuguese nobility, who constructed fabulous palaces there and surrounded them with gardens of breathtaking beauty. The atmosphere of the city is right out of a fairy tale: the climate is often foggy and wet, and the palaces, in a myriad of very different styles, provide an almost tragic dimension. Don't miss the Pena National Palace, the first Romantic building in Europe. At the top of the Serra de Sintra, the Palace, designed by Ludwig von Eschwege, lord and friend of Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, has a Walt Disney castle-like feel, with its many colours and its mixture of architectural styles Moorish, Baroque, and even Renaissance. Linger a little further at the Castle of the Moors, a large fortress built in the 8th century. Monserrate Palace, built in an Arabic style of the 19th century, offers a beautiful promenade through its 143-hectare park. If you get tired, stop in at the Tivoli Palácio de Seteais hotel for a gourmet break

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