Signal Light Festival, Prague in the light

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Signal Light Festival, Prague in the light

In October, days are shorter. Never mind! Signal Light Festival illuminates the historical centre of the Czech capital. Contemporary art wonders!.

For 4 days during the Signal Light Festival, Prague is brought into colourful lights by contemporary design artists, whether Czech or international. Light and art installations use the already visually arresting streets of the historic centre, especially those converging towards Old Town Square.

Onlookers and contemporary art lovers come and wander around at night to discover Prague under illuminated and surprising conditions. Climax of the Festival, videomapping performances dress up symbolic monuments, such as Charles Bridge, Prague's Metronome sculpture, the Dancing House, the Church of St. Ludmila and of course the facades of the houses on Old Town Square.

Signal Light Festival
Kubelíkova 27
130 00 Praha 3

From 13 to 16 October 2016