Shekhawati, an endangered open-air museum

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Shekhawati, an endangered open-air museum

The buildings and decor were abandoned for ages: the ‘haveli' of Shekhawati.

At the gates of the Thar Desert, squeezed between the Aravalli hills of the Shekhawati region are the villages of Nawalgarh, Jhunjhunu, Mahansar, Mandawa, and Fatehpur. Desperately, they display the still-magnificent frescoes and murals of their decrepit palaces, called "haveli".

Between 1860 and 1900, these rich mansions were built by the merchants of Shekhawati to show off their business success. Gradually abandoned by their owners, these villages have become veritable ghost towns. Today, some of the families and guardians of these palatial mansions open their doors to travellers. In the pretty market town of Nawalgarh, discover a sumptuous palace with impressive frescoes. A blend of Rajput and Anglo-Indian art, these paintings depict legends, epics, great battles, processions, and traditional scenes. Continue your journey by visiting the Sardul Singh Cenotaph at Parasarampura, then double back to the Podar Haveli Museum at Dundlod.

Ath Haveli
Nansa Gate Rajasthan
Nawalgargh 333042