Sea trips to the Lavezzi Islands

Sea trips to the Lavezzi Islands

This archipelago, located south of Porto-Vecchio, is now classified as a nature reserve.

Boating among the small islets that form the Lavezzi archipelago is a must, and it's an excursion you can do in a day. Coves for bathing, trails for walking… time flies in paradise. There are several boat services from Porto-Vecchio that will take you on this wonderful trip.

With their huge, white-granite boulders and beaches of white sand, the Lavezzi islands have amply earned their nickname of 'Corsican Seychelles', without the coconuts. On Lavezzu, the biggest of the eight islands of the archipelago, you will head to beautiful Achiarina beach, just after the bay of Cala della Chiesa. The short walk to get there takes a bit more than half an hour.

Please note: the Lavezzi islands are unsullied by municipal infrastructures, so bring your own water and whatever else you might need not to be caught off guard. Also, watch out for stinging jellyfish.

Lavezzi Islands
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