Schoolhouse Hotel: the luxury of the Anglo-Saxon boarding school

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Schoolhouse Hotel: the luxury of the Anglo-Saxon boarding school

If you are a Harry Potter fan who has always secretly wanted to stay just one night at Hogwarts, the Schoolhouse Hotel might be the place for you.

Located just 10 minutes from Dublin's city centre, the Schoolhouse is an old school that has been renovated into a hotel. When you arrive you will be treated like new boarders at a large English school.

The wood-panelled lounges are bathed in warm light. In the background, an Irish melody plays, and deep armchairs await sleepers and readers. Three roaring fireplaces convey the same convivial, centuries-old ambience they have done since these were classrooms. If there were any studying still going on here, though, it would be on the subject of comfort. On weekend evenings, however, the common room takes on a pub atmosphere. But your sleep will not be disturbed, because revellers know the school rules by heart! Your rooms, where the beds are as huge as those of one's childhood, are well maintained—and your sleep as well!

Schoolhouse Hotel
Grand Canal Dock District
2-8 Northumberland Rd
Dublin 4

+353 (0)1 667 5014

Rooms: from 140 EUR