Savour the seafood of La Casa del Marisco

Savour the seafood of La Casa del Marisco

One of Panama's most famous fish and seafood restaurant.

An institution on the local dining scene since the 1960s, La Casa del Marisco is known for its excellent fish and seafood-based cuisine, and friendly family atmosphere.

In an elegant setting behind the grey rectilinear facade and bay windows, the Acha family slips between tables laden with paella presented in earthenware dishes, plates of lobster, and crab dishes. Try the fried ceviche ; even if it is not on the menu, they will gladly prepare this specialty for you.

It is not unusual to see local celebrities here, enjoying a sea bass with salsa and green peppers, or a creamy chocolate mousse in a martini glass.

An address whose reputation exceeds the Panamanian border, thanks to John Le Carré's famous novel The Tailor of Panama, in which the protagonist feasts on lobster Thermidor in this enchanting setting.

La Casa del Marisco
Avenida Manuel Icaza
Aera Bancária, Panamá

+507 233 7755

Menu: from 25 PAB