Saint Martin seen from the sea

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Saint Martin seen from the sea

To explore the coastline, it's best to venture offshore…

Rhino Safari offers tours on single-seat or two-seater watercraft, to discover the secrets of the island. The two-and-a-half hour journey starts in the calm waters of Simpson Bay Lagoon, where you'll learn how to drive the machine, while admiring the yachts alongside you.

Then you head to Creole Rock, a great snorkelling spot on the nature reserve, passing through Galisbay, Friar's Bay, Happy Bay, and Grand Case.

Crossing the harbour, navigating between the moored yachts and kayaks, can be a challenge… Then you sneak along a narrow channel for the payoff: the view when you hit the sea, halfway between Nettle Bay and Marigot Bay, is spectacular. Price: $69 (USD), plus a $3 tax.