Sagamore: a hotel that will make you love art

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Sagamore: a hotel that will make you love art

This was one of the first hotels to hang artwork everywhere, a decision made by its owners, who are amateur painters.

To stay here, you had better love art. Because the owners of the Sagamore, the Taplins, are art addicts. So much so that when they opened the hotel in 2001, they wanted to share the collection they had begun years earlier with their guests and anyone curious who happened to wander into the lobby. They even commissioned works directly from artists. In the dining room, stairs, and, of course, in the bedrooms are different works from their collection, which includes photos, paintings, poolside sculptures, and videos in the garden.

In total, more than 400 pieces are scattered throughout the hotel. The 93 suites—with living room and kitchen–are perfect for a couple with a child.

They are very comfortable and large, none smaller than 42 square meters. Built in 1948, the building, with its refined volumes, is a post-Art Deco architectural icon.

1671 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

+1 305 535 8088

Rooms: from 219 USD