Rosendal Gardens: a paradise for gardeners

Rosendal Gardens: a paradise for gardeners

Whether you have a green thumb or not, dream of astrances and vegetation in this plant kingdom.

On the island of Djurgarden, get off the #47 bus, and walk for about 15 minutes before arriving in this amazing park, founded by Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte in the early 19th century. Rosendal reflects the Swedish passion for gardens. It is huge and you can spend the entire afternoon here without seeing all of it.

Start by visiting the orchard. If you plan to make a list of the different apple, pear, plum, and cherry trees, be patient because there are more than 400. This is a true forest that smells fragrant in the spring! You will also fall in love with the vegetable beds.

Flower-lovers will discover all sorts of varieties of perennials and annuals that can be picked at flowering. At the foot of the orangery are vineyards and greenhouses. Again, depending on the season, you can pick tomatoes and pumpkins. For its excellent black bread, make a detour to the bakery and complete this bucolic stroll with coffee and delicious cinnamon cakes in the small tearoom.

Rosendal Strägdgard
Rosendalsvägen 38
115 21 Stockholm

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