Roscioli, the triumph of terroir

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Roscioli, the triumph of terroir

One of the best restaurants in Rome, Roscioli deli-restaurant gives pride of place to simple products and recipes.

The Roscioli brothers' reputation precedes them and you will need a reservation to get a table in their salumeria-enoteca in the centre of Rome. Gourmets and food lovers would give anything to taste the best carbonara in town. Pierluigi and Alessandro have made this Roman speciality their signature dish, by raising it to a rare level of perfection.

Forget everything you know and prepare to be bowled over: in this traditional recipe there is no bacon and no cream, only guanciale (dried pig cheeks), fresh eggs, excellent black pepper, two varieties of pecorino, and handmade pasta cooked, it goes without saying, al dente. The rigatone with three different parmesan cheeses are equally delicious, as are the spaghetti with sardines or homemade gnocchi in black pepper. Here, the Italian terroir is king, marvellously complemented by a wine list that defies all competition, evidenced by the rows of bottles that decorate, or rather cover, the walls from floor to ceiling. Don't leave without making a detour to the deli corner, just to prolong the pleasure.

Via dei Giubbonari 21
00186 Roma

+39 06 687 5287

Menu: around 20 EUR