Rooibos: a taste of South Africa

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Rooibos: a taste of South Africa

In Lady Bonin's lovely tea parlour, try the different rooibos options, a local, natural, and caffeine-free specialty.

Jessica Bonin has finally put away her vintage caravan. For years she had gone from market to market with her mobile tearoom, a food truck specialising in teas that she prepared herself. Now in the very trendy Woodstock Exchange, she has opened a boutique where teas of all kinds remain the stars.

Her great pride? Reintroducing honeybush and rooibos, both of South African origin, to today's palate. From a shrub of the same name, rooibos only grows in the Cape Town region, specifically in the Cederberg Wilderness Area. All attempts at cultivating the plant overseas have failed, therefore rooibos remains a uniquely South African product.

The singularity of the plant is that it is an antioxidant without caffeine, both qualities making it sought after today. She works with ingredients from organic farms and uses fair-trade principles. Come in for a tea tasting, a tea-and-food pairing, or high tea. You won't be disappointed.

Lady Bonin
The Woodstock Exchange
Shop AG11b
66 Albert Road
7925 Cape Town

+27 (0)21 447 1741