Roma, secret minimalist bar on the rooftops of the city

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Roma, secret minimalist bar on the rooftops of the city

Located in the old city of Havana, Roma relies on its electronic music programming and rooftop to establish itself in the Cuban nightlife scene.

Sometimes only a few things are needed to make an establishment an exceptional place. At Roma, the recipe is simple, even minimalist: a few wrought iron benches and chairs, adorned with green water cushions, and, above the counter, a painting representing a brown stallion watching over the visitors. The rest is vintage, be it the sixties marble bar, blue and yellow tiles or colourful faded wallpaper. Here, the focus is namely on the breathtaking view of the rooftops of Havana, the great highlight of this single rooftop. From the semi-hidden entrance, Roma sets the tone, with a goods lift to take in order to access it. At nightfall, the counter is lit and electronic music sets are played one after another – a rare commodity in the Cuban capital. A California, Ricaperri or classic mojito in hand, to be consumed with moderation, and you're off to admire the city lights all night long.

Calle Aguacate, 162
La Habana

+53 5 4633199 

Menu: 4 CUC