Rio Malavilha, Lisbon's most beautiful rooftop

bar - terrace
Rio Malavilha, Lisbon's most beautiful rooftop

The terrace of this trendy bar-restaurant offers one of the most beautiful views over the Tagus, facing the Cristo-Rei.

It is considered the new HQ of trendy Lisbon youth. With a breathtaking view over the 25 de Abril Bridge - similar looking to San Francisco's Golden Gate - and uncommon city sights, the Rio Malavilha has become an unusual stop in the Portuguese capital. Perched atop the LX Factory, a former power station, the restaurant is symbolised by a contemporary and colourful version of Rio's Christ the Redeemer, also referencing the Cristo Rei in Almada on the opposite riverbank. Inside, the industrial housing-type decoration gives out a deliciously passé feel, with salvaged-leather sofas straight from a speakeasy. During the day, take a seat on the rooftop to enjoy one of the delicious meals on the menu. The refined cuisine mixes South American influences in dishes like cassava chips and chicharrón, the leg of lamb cooked in peanut sauce, and the cocoa pavlova with red fruits. Remember to book a good table to really enjoy the view!

Rio Malavilha
Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103
LX Factory, entrance 3, 4th floor
1300-501 Lisboa

+351 96 602 8229

Menu: from 25 EUR