Rintaro: the best Japanese restaurant in San Francisco

Rintaro: the best Japanese restaurant in San Francisco

Japanese cuisine is local when made in California. Come and see.

His mother is Japanese; his father is American. He grew up in the US in a wooden house built by his father, where his mother prepared traditional Japanese cuisine. In the summer, Sylvan Brackett spent his holidays with his grandmother in Kyoto. There he fell in love with its cuisine. You find all these influences in his restaurant, designed as a traditional Japanese house with its oven in the garden. Come in. You are in a real minka ('house of the people'). Partitions separate the tables.

Behind the counter, the chef kneads the dough for noodles and prepares the soups and sashimi. You will be amazed by the originality of the tempura and yakitori. They are prepared only from local produce. Nothing is imported. Kumquats replace yuzu. Rintaro has received the congratulations of the entire American press. Take a look at the fine collection of plates, dishes, and menus that make for a decor with an authentic soul.

82 14th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

+1 415 589 7022


Menu: around 15 USD