Rhizome, Les racines du gout

Rhizome, Les racines du gout

The epicure José Potier reigns over the Corniche, sourcing the finest food and wine for his shop and restaurant.

José Potier has excellent taste. A true epicurean with a passion for gastronomy, he has created a jewel. Push open the door to an assortment of delectables for all budgets, or head straight to the warm-coloured dining room on the second floor and grab a seat. The dishes are superb, accompanied by excellent wines, which José, a connoisseur, advises to perfection.

The ground floor has caviar, smoked salmon, and taramas from the world-famous Petrossian house. Josiane Deal's cheeses are to die for. The sensational Iberian meats melt in your mouth. Also on hand are rare Provençal spices and products. The team also organises wine workshops and tastings with the region's best winemakers. A magical place for exchange and gastronomy, Rhizome, Les racines du gout—the ‘roots of taste'—is a cabinet of curiosities that will leave you bedazzled.

Menu from 30 EUR

Les Racines du Goût

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