Reunion Tower, Dallas from above

Reunion Tower, Dallas from above

Nicknamed “God's golf ball”, this 171-metre high tower offers a breathtaking view of Dallas, day and night.

Since opening in 1978, this skyscraper has always attracted attention. The 36-metre diameter dome covered with 260 LEDs, supported by a reinforced concrete cylinder, contains an 837-step staircase. Yes, it looks like a golf ball in the sky—hence its nickname. The Reunion Tower is one of Dallas' most recognizable monuments and, never fear, it takes just 68 seconds to reach the top by elevator.
At nightfall, the view of the skyline is breathtaking from the two levels: the first occupied by an observation deck for a close-up examination of the culture, architecture and history of Dallas from the sky (with high-definition zoom cameras, telescopes and interactive touch screens). The second level holds the award-winning, 100-seat Five Sixty gourmet restaurant by Wolfgang Puck. The restaurant turns one complete rotation in 55 minutes: enough to make your head turn! The tower is open every day, but hours vary throughout the year depending on holidays and special events, so be sure to check their site beforehand.

Reunion Tower
300 Reunion Boulevard East
Dallas, TX 75207

Tel : +1 214 712 7040