Restaurant Le Cozy: for a tasteful evening

Restaurant Le Cozy: for a tasteful evening

In the always-crowded rooms at Le Cozy, you can taste the delicious and varied cuisine of Chef Momo, before a night on the town.

Chef Momo makes it a point of honour to go from table to table to ensure that his dishes are living up to guests' expectations. And they are! He serves up sashimi, tataki, Angus beef, French toast with caramel and vanilla, surf and turf pizzas, velvety seasonal fruits, including magnificent mangos, and more.

Momo, will be pleased to confirm that, yes, the products you have on your plate were chosen that morning at the markets of Dakar, just as they were delivered to the stalls. Come in the evening if you can. At night, as the hours roll by, the subdued atmosphere gradually gives way to the electrical dynamism of the party to come.

This is definitely one of the best places in Dakar to turn a dinner into an evening out.

Restaurant Le Cozy
8 rue Ramez Bourgi
Across from the Kermel Market

+221 33 823 06 06

Menu: around 9,000 XOF