Restaurant Aragawa: an obligatory passage

Restaurant Aragawa: an obligatory passage

If you want to taste the best beef in the city, there is one address: Aragawa, an institution for more than 50 years that has been awarded two Michelin stars.

The meat served here is so exceptional that you have to book several weeks in advance for the chance to get a table. The few who get in are indeed lucky because, in Japan, beef steaks of this quality are as rare as caviar. Indeed, the herds of cattle are so small that each restaurant drawing from them has a quota of meat per week that cannot be exceeded.

In this family restaurant, one of the brothers works in the kitchen while the other welcomes you in the dining room. Each dish is prepared on the spot by the chef in person, who likes guests to be on time. Inside, the decor is original, with rustic brown leather chairs and wooden tables. For starters, allow yourself to be tempted by the succulently plump raw fish. For the main dish, there can be no hesitation: Kobe meat and nothing else! It comes in either 200 or 300 grams, depending on your appetite. Its aroma, texture, and taste are simply unmatched. You will keep this unforgettable taste experience forever.

2-15-18 Nakayamatedori‬
Chuo-ku, Kobe
Hyōgo Prefecture 650-0004

+81 (0)7 8221 8547

Menu: around 35,000 JPY