Reinauhafen: the rehabilitated docklands

Reinauhafen: the rehabilitated docklands

A stroll along the other ‘eau de cologne', which has more chocolate-y notes.

On the banks of the Rhine, three buildings shaped like harbour cranes (Kranhäuser) catch the eye. Sprung up in 2010, they are part of a project to rehabilitate the ancient port of Cologne. As with Haffen City in Hamburg, the city seeks to revitalise areas neglected after the Second World War that are close to the city centre.

It is no accident that the architects of the ‘crane' housing offices and apartments are the Hamburg firm BRT-Bothe Richter Teherani. The urban plan has brilliantly kept certain warehouses in place, such as the Siebengebirge.

Stroll alongside these buildings, and stop by the Chocolate Museum, located in the former customs department. A chocolate fountain three metres high should excite your taste buds. Take that as an invitation to follow the chocolate path past the tropical greenhouse to the chocolate factory.

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