Raw eating at Bleu Carouge

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Raw eating at Bleu Carouge

In the Vieux Carouge neighbourhood of Geneva's outskirts, Bleu Carouge presents an innovative concept where every – almost – thing is to be eaten raw.

With its chic bistro look, high wooden tables and exposed stone walls, the tone is set. At Bleu Carouge, the leather sofa benches and the bar are blue, just like the napkins similar to our grandmothers' dish towels have blue ribbing, not mentioning the blue contents of your dish. The restaurant is an ode to raw food, as there is very little actual cooking, beef, fish and vegetable tartares and carpaccios being the norm. The contrast of very cool food comes from oven-baked potatoes covered in cream with herbs in lieu of regular fries. There, the flagship dish of bistro food is revisited with new flavours, like the Tahiti tuna tartare with coconut milk, ginger and coriander, or the Thai beef carpaccio with bean sprouts, lime and crunchy vegetables. A rare treat for raw food lovers.

Bleu Carouge
Rue Ancienne 23
1227 Carouge

+41 (0)22 320 30 30


Menu: around 51 CHF