Quelle Tre: a ‘not-fashion' shop run by three very chic sisters

Quelle Tre: a ‘not-fashion' shop run by three very chic sisters

Born into a family of tailors, the Scardigli sisters have been expressing their vision of feminine elegance since 1989. Discover unique items on Via Santa Spirito.

They left Via Pucci to settle in the Oltrarno district, the long-time home of Florentine artisans. Leather workers, glove makers, jewellers, and stationers all had workshops here, which gradually became shops. In the best Florentine tradition, Cecilia, Luciana, and Cristiana Scardigli use only the finest materials, and everything is handmade. They do not follow fashion trends, instead choosing to create truly elegant clothing in very precious and refined fabrics.

From the extravagant to the sensible, their collections highlight the three essential pieces of the feminine wardrobe: skirt, trousers, and dresses in bold colours and cut to suit all body types and ages. Pretty accessories accompany them. If you are a fan, you can also leave with their book Quelle Tre: 25 anni di moda not ('25 years of non-fashion') published in Italian and English by Nardini editions.

Quelle Tre
Via Santo Spirito 42r
50125 Firenze

+39 055 219 374