Purslane's casual fine dining

Purslane's casual fine dining

In the basement of a grand Georgian-style home, Purslane is akin to a secret address. Don't hesitate to venture inside and taste Paul Gunning's refined cooking.

Just minutes from the centre of Edinburgh, the Stockbridge neighbourhood retained the look of a picturesque village. At the corner of St. Stephen Street, go down a few steps to discover a hidden restaurant. The cream and deep chocolate tones of the room and its wooden tables provide Purslane with a very cosy atmosphere. Chef Paul Gunning will reveal what he likes to call “casual fine dining cuisine” at this delightful spot.
Mainly composed of fresh and local products, dishes are rich, flavourful and colourful. The thick steak of beef and its meltingly soft potatoes, wild mushrooms, roasted small vegetables and red wine sauce, as well as the marinated salmon in fennel and beetroot are simply exquisite. Also take a look at the wine list – you will find exactly what you are looking for with wines that will perfectly pair with your chosen dish.

Purslane Restaurant
33A St Stephen Street
Edinburgh EH3 5AH

+44 131 226 3500


Menu: around 35 GBP