Puro 4050, mozzarella in the spotlight

italian - trendy
Puro 4050, mozzarella in the spotlight

Porto's first mozzarella bar, Puro 4050 offers a wide range of the Italian cheese, in almost every dish.

In a trendy and welcoming atmosphere, Puro 4050 pays tribute to Italian trattorie, with small rustic wooden tables, china and paintings depicting Tuscan scenes. The smell of warm and crispy bread fills the air of this restaurant entirely devoted to mozzarella. Chef Luis Americano brought various types of that cheese from his culinary pilgrimage to Italia. Mozzarella lovers will try it plain, in bocconcini (small balls of fresh mozzarella) or affumicata (smoked) forms. Discover the chef's original combinations settled in near an 18th-century-style bookshelf, at the huge table of the underground level for friends or family reunions, or simply on the outdoor terrace. Accompanied by vegetables and fruits (lollo red salad with Italian chicory and cherry tomatoes in pesto for instance), cold cuts (mortadella from Bologna, coppa, bresaola) or in pizza form like a Focaccia, the Italian cheese will always find its way to your plate.

Puro 4050
Largo São Domingos 84
4050-050 Porto

+351 22 201 1852


Menu: around 20 EUR