Primrose Hill: on the heels of the Rolling Stones

Primrose Hill: on the heels of the Rolling Stones

Londoners love to walk, run, and picnic in their many green spaces. There is more than just Hyde Park to explore!

Put on some comfortable shoes, essential for any trip to London, and climb up Primrose Hill, formerly part of the hunting grounds of King Henry VIII. A delightful place with stunning views over London. The Rolling Stones put the park on the album cover of “Between the Buttons”.

For Paul McCartney, a strange meeting on Primrose Hill inspired “The Fool On The Hill”, recorded in September 1967, at the Abbey Road studios nearby. A walk on Primrose Hill is highly recommended as a way of finding peace after a trip to Camden Market. If you haven't already had a meal on your way here, you can lunch at The Engineer pub, or brunch on a weekend at Greenberry Café, a neighbourhood institution.

Then gear up for a shopping spree on Regent's Park Road, at Elias & Grace (for children) and at Anna (for their moms), the latter offering a beautiful selection of designer clothing and accessories.

Primrose Hill
Primrose Hill Road
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