Porto, an anomaly of time and beauty

historical trail
Porto, an anomaly of time and beauty

Visiting Porto is akin to a journey through time, with filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira's voice over to guide you.

Porto is not like any other European city. It does not hold fake-looking districts, with office buildings drained of all inhabitants. Real life is still happening, and the nice decorations on the façades of buildings bear witness to ongoing activity. Welcome to the Cidade Invicta (the "Undefeated City"), hotspot of trade and culture at the mouth of the Douro River. Walk around the Avenida dos Aliados and learn about the history of the Porto-São Bento station by studying its walls covered in azulejos - the famous earthenware that adorns buildings all over Portugal. Gather your thoughts in the dark Sé do Porto fortress cathedral, built in the 12th century. Or rejoice in the luxury of the 14th-century São Francisco church. You may also want to enjoy the vista onto the Douro and wine cellars from Torre dos Clérigos (built in the 18th century), and gaze upon the Dom Luís I bridge from the Ribeira riverbank. And if you are a Harry Potter enthusiast, head over to the Livrario Lello, one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world...

Porto-São Bento station
Praça de Almeida Garrett
4000-069 Porto

Sé do Porto (Porto cathedral)
Terreiro da Sé
4050-573 Porto
+351 22 205 9028

São Francisco church
Rua do Infante Dom Henrique
4050-297 Porto
+351 22 206 2125

Torre dos Clérigos
Rua de São Filipe de Nery
4050-546 Porto
+351 22 014 5489

Livraria Lello
Rua das Carmelitas 144
4050-161 Porto
+351 22 200 2037