Poetry and Art Nouveau at the Gambrinus

Poetry and Art Nouveau at the Gambrinus

The indispensable location for fans of Art Nouveau and sfogliatelle, the pastry famously evoked in the Cisalpine Sonnets of Annunzio's ‘Campanie' collection (1896).

I want your whole light body to curve and arch like laughing Argentinian lips', wrote Gabriele d'Annunzio in the Cisalpine Sonnets.

Here, the body curves towards its cup of coffee in an avant-garde Art Nouveau décor of Gambrinus. The most literary and historic café in Naples is the equal of the Florian in Venice or the Greco in Rome. Situated on the Plazza del Plebiscito, it will delight fans of Oscar Wilde, Hemingway, or Sartre who all dipped their hot sfogliatella pastry stuffed with vanilla ricotta here.

This café has an atmosphere rich with its agitated, anti-fascist history. An absolute must.

Gran Caffè Gambrinus
Via 1, Piazza Trieste E Trento, 2
80132 Napoli

+39 (0)81 417 582