Plan a barbecue on the beach

Plan a barbecue on the beach

There is nothing like a barbecue at sunset for fitting in like a Vancouverite.

On weekends, Vancouver's beaches are swarmed. Though you only have a few months (June to September) to really enjoy swimming, having a barbecue is very different: as soon as the weather is good, people head to the beach.

Surprising as it may seem, public barbecues are allowed and even encouraged. You will notice that many Vancouverites bring their own equipment to enjoy their grilled evening meal. No need to envy them, as you will find self-service barbecues on Kitsilano Beach, Third Beach, Point Grey, and West Vancouver. To enjoy yourself, all you need bring is charcoal, some wild salmon (should that be your choice), a marinade, and a salad or two.

And you certainly will not be alone: alongside other grill masters, you will come across joggers, volleyball players, walkers, yogis, and revellers who are either making music or listening to it. Needless to say, the beaches, as lively as they are, offer a true moment of Canadian conviviality.