Three centuries of history on the Place de la Bourse

Three centuries of history on the Place de la Bourse

The former Place Royale opening onto the Garonne, the Place de la Bourse was originally dedicated to King Louis XV.

Its architect, Ange-Jacques Gabriel, was inspired at the time by the Place Vendôme in Paris. On either side there is an historic building-the Chamber of Commerce (former Stock Exchange Palace) and the National Museum of Customs. Pediments adorned with masks and the ironwork of the other buildings illustrate the history of the city. In its centre, you will see an equestrian statue of a King, supplanted briefly by one of Napoleon, itself replaced by the Fountain of the Three Graces in bronze and marble in 1869.
Since July 2006, the largest water mirror in the world (3,450 sqm), designed by landscape architect Michel Corajoud faces it. Situated between the Quay de la Douane and the Quay Louis XVIII, it alternates the extraordinary effects of the reflections of the facades of La Bourse with bewitching fog. It has become the favourite attraction of the Bordelais and in the summer, mainly during hot weather, children splash about on the thin surface of water to cool off.

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