Place Bellecour carries its name well

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Place Bellecour carries its name well

In Lyon, all roads converge here.

Talking about Lyon means talking about Bellecour. It is impossible to come to Lyon without crossing this six-hectare square, one of the largest in France, at one time or another.

In the heart of the peninsula between the Rhône and the Saône, this strategic crossroads of Lyonnais life is at the junction of three major arteries: the rue de la République, which leads to Lyon's National Opera house, the shopping street rue Herriot, and Rue Victor Hugo. In its centre is a grandiose equestrian statue of Louis XIV riding Roman style without stirrups.

For rollerblade fans, it is at his feet that every Friday night, skating enthusiasts gather for their nocturnal citywide peregrination.

Place Bellecour
69002 Lyon