Phoenix Hotel: the rock ‘n' roll attitude

Phoenix Hotel: the rock ‘n' roll attitude

This hotel owes its fame to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Pearl Jam, who stayed here before the hits rolled in.

Just like the mythical bird after which it was named, the Phoenix Hotel underwent a complete makeover in 2018, under the creative and inspired impulse of Liz Lambert, one of the high priestesses of the trendy boutique hotel culture that flourished on the West Coast. She managed to retain the rock n' roll spirit of this former hostel, while adding a resolutely fashionable and cool touch to the proceedings. The lobby welcomes you in a recording studio look-alike, walls being covered with tons of records! The Phoenix still shows the signs of the various artists – famous or not – who stayed there: witness all the stickers, collector concert posters and the much-vaunted “Wall of fame” upon which everyone leaves a note or a drawing before checking out. Above the swimming pool, the passageways lead to 44 rooms: with white walls, electric blue headboards, pared-down contemporary furniture and colourful neon lights, the spirit of the Bowie years lives on! Plenty of activities are available: barbecues, yoga sessions and concerts regularly take place around the pool. Years have passed but the Phoenix stays true to its mantra: “be amazing”!

Phoenix Hotel
601 Eddy Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

+1 415 776 1380

Rooms: from 270 USD