Peumayen: an unusual experience

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Peumayen: an unusual experience

Acclaimed by the international press for the originality of its cuisine, the Peumayen invites you to try the traditions of the indigenous peoples of Chile.

The setting is contemporary and ultra-chic, extended by a pleasant patio highlighted by natural elements of wood, cane, and stone.

The menu takes you into unknown territories, so the attentive presence of the waiter is required to order. Resolutely innovative, the taste experience is highly original. Lose yourself in this gourmet journey, which borrows codes from ancestral gastronomy. Reinterpreted with modernity, this cuisine with vegetarian leanings selects the best products and the expertise of pre-Hispanic peoples such as the Chilote, Rapanui, Aymara, and Mapuche. For the appetiser, a tasting plate is the best choice for an overview of the house philosophy.

Presented with exquisite taste, river fish, entirely unknown vegetables,and exotic meats are major chords of a symphony of flavours, with herbs and spices offering fascinating subtleties for the taste buds.

Peumayen Ancestral Food
Constitución 136
Región Metropolitana

+56 2 2247 3060

Menu: from 29,000 CLP