Peterhof: the Russian Versailles of Peter the Great

Peterhof: the Russian Versailles of Peter the Great

Magnificent gardens, a canal, waterfalls, a palace Peterhof symbolises the triumph of imperial power. It is gorgeous.

Tsar Peter the Great admired Versailles so much he decided to build his own on the Baltic Sea. Completed in 1723, his palace, however, is more modest, but Peter's successors never ceased to expand on it.

Rightly so, because all is a wonder: living rooms, ballroom, ceremonial rooms, study everything is beautiful. Stroll around the area and admire the Grand Cascade, with its 142 fountains, the canal which opens onto the sea, the Marly Palace, the Cottage, the Hermitage. Not to mention the palace of Montplaisir, where Peter the Great liked to stay and receive guests.

The park holds many random surprises among its shaded walkways: flowerbeds, sculptures, and half-hidden fountains. A hydrofoil connects Peterhof with Saint Petersburg; it departs from the pier opposite the Hermitage.

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