Vesuvius National Park: Enter the scene

Vesuvius National Park: Enter the scene

Vesuvius' plume has fascinated great landscape painters for centuries. Seize the inspiration provided by the famous vedute—views—from the slopes of the volcano itself.

Mount Vesuvius is seen under a beautiful morning light as a shadow, a doubt, a vague menace over the calm of the Bay of Naples. In this mythical setting, it is a dark jewel, a black diamond.

On its extremely fertile slopes, fruit trees and vineyards (the exquisite Lachryma Christi of Vesuvius) produce in abundance. A beautiful hike, a magnificent view of the city, and an excellent lesson in geology are only 12 kilometres from Naples. From the base, a 500-metres easy-access footpath takes you to the crater. Once you've arrived, a guide will tell you the story of this famously active volcano.


Vesuvius National Park
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