Panthera Africa, feline sanctuary

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Panthera Africa, feline sanctuary

An incredible "retirement home" for lions, panthers, tigers and other felines: challenge met, for two South African pasionaria.

One of the founders of Panthera Africa worked on a farm with animals in captivity; the other was a businesswoman who travelled extensively and led a glamorous life. Lizaene Cornwall and Cathrine Nyquist created this sanctuary for injured or endangered felines in 2015 to live out their true passion: to treat their feline friends with respect. Their goal? To offer these 'big cats' a life of rest and to save them from unnatural deaths.

On their 40-hectare property, 23 animals including lions, tigers, caracals and leopards, occupy ten hectares. You will get to see them up close behind a circular enclosure. The tour lasts 90 minutes to two hours and will give you the opportunity to learn more about all aspects of the cats' lives, including what happens on farms that promote controlled hunting in South Africa, an activity condemned by Panthera Africa. As Kruger Park is far from Cape Town, this visit is an alternative to familiarise you with these precious African treasures.

Even more so, as the drive here, less than two hours from the city, provides the opportunity to see some stunning scenery.

Panthera Africa
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