Outerlands - offshore winds deep in Sunset

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Outerlands - offshore winds deep in Sunset

The fragrance of good bread, steaming soup and homemade cakes – a place for vegans, locavores and food-lovers.

Enjoy a stroll on Ocean Beach before booking a table in an area that attracts the finest surfers. It is a 45-minute bus ride from Market to the terminus, during which you look at pastel-coloured houses scrolling past. You will not be disappointed. At the far end of Judah Street, a few blocks from the beach, chefs Yoni Levy and Brooke Mosley serve simple and inventive locavore cuisine. This haven of good taste, with its weathered wooden slats, serves freshly baked sourdough bread (which you can order takeaway), homemade vegetable soup, roasted squash and garlic, and bacon pancakes. It is a little bit vegan, which is normal in California. The menu changes according to whatever small producers have available, and there are tasty surprises like the irresistible fig, honey and sherry vinegar panna cotta for dessert.

4001 Judah Street
San Francisco, CA 94122

+1 415 661 6140


Menu: around 26 USD