Otentic Creole lunch

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Otentic Creole lunch

In the heart of nature's riches, the Otentic offers a Creole lunch that will forever change your outlook on the island.

Everything in this restaurant overlooking the river is about sharing and conviviality. Your senses are constantly solicited by the richness of surrounding nature. In this magical setting, the restaurant seats about 50 patrons, amidst tents and wooden cabins. Smell a spice, touch a plant, and inhale the odours.

Discover the combinations, associations, and mixtures that make up the richness of Creole cuisine. Share ideas and question the village women who have prepared these specialties for you, and most importantly, explore by tasting!

Coastal Road, Deux Frères
Grand River South East

+230 594 14888


Menu: around 600 MUR