Oslo's FjordIslands: a wonder of the great north

Oslo's FjordIslands: a wonder of the great north

Take a ferry to these very special islands for an unforgettable journey.

The 40 islands off Oslo constitute a magnificent natural refuge, and each of them is a reserve for Norwegian fauna and flora. From Aker Brygge wharf district, guests can board a ferry that takes you to one of the islands, when the season permits. The most popular is Lindoya, located 20 minutes away. The small wooden houses, swimming areas, and natural reserves, all create a calm and serene environment. From the Brygdoy Peninsula, you can admire the summer residence of the kings of Norway. Justin front of Oslo, Hovedoya Island is the ideal place to enjoy the beach in summer. Contrary to popular belief, the Gulfstream in Oslo ensures a milder climate than its latitude suggests, and fjord water can reach 16°C in August! The Oslo Grand Tour offers the opportunity of combining a visit to Oslo and its islands, in seven hours, on a beautiful boat.

Aker Brygge