Os Lusíadas, gills on fire!

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Os Lusíadas, gills on fire!

Follow in the footsteps of Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama who discovered the sea route to India in 1498.

In a port city on the outskirts of Porto, the Os Lusíadas restaurant lovingly cares for its fish and seafood. The restaurant is in Matosinhos, home to the country's largest fishing port, Leixões. Thanks to a strong local fishing industry, the restaurant is proud to prepare its seafood in absolute freshness.
Fish eggs in Algarve sauce, seabass, sole, grouper, codfish and many others... Enjoy the waltz of waiters carrying these dishes in a light and simple decor. Pair these precious and incredibly delicate dishes with one of the many wines on the list and indulge in a blind tasting inspired by sea aromas. For the record, the restaurant was named after the Lusiades (Os Lusíadas) the poem by Luís de Camões that recounts the epic journeys of Vasco de Gama, a classic of Portuguese literature.

Os Lusíadas
Rua de Tomaz Ribeiro 257
4450-297 Matosinhos

+351 22 937 8242


Menu: around 20 EUR