Orchard Road: a shopping paradise

Orchard Road: a shopping paradise

Emblematic avenue of the city, Orchard Road covers an incredible range of international and local brands, for a comprehensive shopping spree.

Bordered by tall trees, this two-kilometre commercial thoroughfare has many hotels and shopping centres. It offers a plethora of choices, including all the big names in international fashion, in an atmosphere of luxury and refinement.

Modern, dynamic, and clean, just like the city, Orchard Road is a nice play for a stroll you could fill a whole day here. There are modern sculptures at the entrance of buildings, and some of the shopping centres have interesting art galleries. Take a break for lunch in one of the many restaurants, or try the different food stalls in the shopping centres.

During the holidays, especially in December, Orchard Road is beautifully adorned with decorations and lights, creating a beautiful setting.

Orchard Road

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