Onda: or trickling Norwegian waters

Onda: or trickling Norwegian waters

An exceptional view of the ocean, and fish with a typical Norwegian accent.

Norway has cultivated the art of cooking fish since the dawn of time, and the chefs of Onda understand this well. As all tastes find their source in nature, the restaurant opened a grill right next to the fish table.

At Onda Sea, start with a piquant lobster soup with apples and fennel, and taste the cod with truffles, a delicious and elegant dish. At Onda Grill, small portions offer the opportunity to enjoy many different dishes, like rack of lamb with raisins, and foie gras in brioche. You can leisurely enjoy a delectable meal in either one of these addresses, which both have a 360° view of the sea.

Located in the Aker Brygge district on the banks of the fjord, both restaurants offer the promise of a successful evening, as this part of Oslo also remains one of the most festive.

Stranden 30
0250 Oslo

+47 455 02 000


Menu: around 676 NOK