Olympic National Park

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Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park covers over 3,734 sqm, where all nature and hiking enthusiasts can have a great time.

West of Seattle, this vast peninsula with heart-stopping scenery has become a paradise for those who love walking. To take advantage of this magical place, you have to drive or take a ferry there. From the small town of Port Angeles, where ships load and unload tree trunks at sunrise, you will reach Olympic National Park through the northern entrance: Hurricane Ridge.
There, in the hollow of the green valleys, stretches the largest area of virgin forest in all of the United States – some thousand-year-old trees measure up to 91 metres tall! Be sure to take a detour to Crescent Lake, formed nearly 7,000 years ago, reaching depths of 200 metres in some places! Alternately, explore the heart of the Hoh Rain Forest, the largest temperate rain forest in the world. In the park, all trails are perfectly marked, where you will have plenty of time to play explorer and reconnect with nature.

Olympic National Park Visitor Center
3002 Mount Angeles Road
98362 Port Angeles

+1 360 565 3130