Ô Bar, an essential stop on Réunion's nightlife scene

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Ô Bar, an essential stop on Réunion's nightlife scene

Warm and casual, Ô Bar is renowned as Saint-Denis' nocturnal haunt, perfect for an aperitif during the week or wild nights at the weekend.

With its welcoming and festive atmosphere, Ô Bar has become the meeting place for regulars of the Réunion nightlife scene. This famous city centre restaurant-bar-club used to be a decoration shop, but now it features minimalist and uncluttered decor.

The restaurant at Ô Bar is open all day, and a brasserie service is also available, offering lunches on the go, all listed on a slate. Cool off in the afternoon with cocktails and other beverages. In the early evening, a tapas aperitif is offered to guests before dinner.

Its soft light and lounge music make this an emblematic and charming place. At the weekend, Ô Bar turns into a nightclub where DJs transport you back to the 1980s, or another era, depending on the theme of the night. It also has a sheltered outdoor terrace an ideal opportunity to enjoy a local cocktail, in moderation, of course!

Ô Bar
34 rue de la Compagnie
97499 Saint-Denis

+262 (0)2 62 52 57 88


Menu: around 25 EUR