Nordmarka Forest, Oslo's green lung

Nordmarka Forest, Oslo's green lung

Total immersion in nature, only 20 minutes from the city centre.

Very easily accessible by public transport, this extended forest area will enchant you with its unspoilt landscapes and the many activities that are available. It is a magical place, where the Norwegian force of nature in its entirety is expressed, just minutes from the capital.

Nordmarka, literally the "forest of the north", the vast expanse of ancient trees abounds with streams and lakes in which you can enjoy kayaking. Each season brings its charm, and you will be welcome whatever time of year you plan your trip.

Several shelters are accessible to hikers in summer and skiers in winter. You can enjoy full board in some of them. For fishing aficionados, know that the lakes are full of fish and it is very easy to buy a license allowing you to fish there - in the respect of quotas and eco-diversity. It is a wonderful getaway, not to be missed!

0184 Oslo

Oslomarkas Fiskeadministrasjon
Sørkedalsveien 617
0758 Oslo
+47 400 06 768

Den Norske Turistforening
Youngstorget 1
0181 Oslo
+47 400 01 868

Kongeveien 5
0787 Oslo
+47 229 23 200