Night market on Wangfujing Street

Night market on Wangfujing Street

This market offers a picturesque spectacle, with original culinary experiences for Westerners in search of adventure.

Wangfujing Night Market offers an incomparable selection of culinary delights of the Middle Kingdom. Some, however, are reserved for the daring: scorpion skewers, lamb tripe, and grilled centipedes are local delicacies that provoke you with their aromas, flavours, and appearance. But there is also, happily, a wide choice of more traditional dishes, such as marinated meat kebabs and steamed dumplings called jiaozi to feast on.

Be careful about spices because the Chinese love eating spicy food and they enjoy watching tourists turn bright red when they encounter a few cleverly chopped and concealed scarlet chillies. The street life is fascinating. And you will realize that it is not a myth: the Chinese really are fond of chicken feet and sea cucumbers.

Wangfujing Market
Wangfujing Street
Dongcheng District