News Cafe, around the clock

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News Cafe, around the clock

An iconic Miami Beach address, News Cafe is open day and night.

When it opened in South Beach in 1988, News Cafe was a novelty: a quiet place to have coffee and read the international press. Almost 30 years later, the 'News' is still there. Initially inspired by European cafes, it has since become a typical American restaurant, and a must on the South Beach scene. Open every day around the clock, it changes throughout the day. In the morning when Ocean Drive is still groggy from going out all night, that's the place to go - on the patio for coffee, pancakes and a newspaper. The tables fill up gradually. Late risers wake up with a detox salad and fresh fruit juice, unless they opt for a panini with prosciutto ham, spinach and pesto, a turkey burger, grilled chicken pasta with tomato sauce, garlic and basil, or pizza with whatever you want on it. It goes on like this until evening. After nightfall, it turns into the 'before' and 'after' hang-out spot.

800 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

+1 305 538 6397

Menu: around 20 USD