New Hotel: sleeping in a museum, or almost…

New Hotel: sleeping in a museum, or almost…

This is a Greek hotel created by Brazilian designers, and not just any Brazilian designers: this is the work of the Campana brothers.

When it opened in 1958, the Olympic Palace breathed fresh air into Athens. This palace was the first modernist building in the city. Its current owner, the art collector Dakis Joannou, who commissioned Umberto and Fernando Campana with its renovation, has now transformed it into a design hotel.

True to their philosophy of recovery and diversion, they removed the furniture from the Olympic Palace and made it into a baroque collage, lining the entrance and the New Hotel's restaurant. Cut and reassembled, the fabrics and leathers of yore now dress armchairs.

Resolutely modern, playing on the visual effect of the cuts and the tactile feel of materials, the rooms also cultivate, with little touches, a wink to the past. Old postcards of Athens, protective amulets, or reminders of Greek folklore seem to float on the wall, conjuring the fond memories of their hosts.

As for the New Taste restaurant, it is one of the favourite places of the Athenians for its full terrace overlooking the Acropolis.

New Hotel
16 Filellinon
105 57 Athens

+30 210 327 3000

Rooms: from 159 EUR