Neve di Latte: the best ice cream in Rome

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Neve di Latte: the best ice cream in Rome

Here, ice cream is raised to the rank of haute cuisine. Do not leave Rome without trying some of their surprising, 100% natural flavours.

Visiting Rome without going to a gelataria would be a crime, so rush to Neve di Latte, undoubtedly the best artisan ice-cream maker in the city. Located in the eccentric Flaminio district, home of much of Rome's contemporary architecture, it is close to MAXXI (Museum of Arts of the Twenty-first Century).

The choice of flavours is astounding: vintage Armagnac, espresso, Tuscan bitter chocolate, pine nuts from Pisa, 25-year-old balsamic vinegar, all with a delicate balance, finesse, and intensity. The architect of these wonders, Ermanno Di Pomponi only uses 100% natural ingredients: all the fruit is seasonal and local except the Peruvian bananas, which are Fair trade nonetheless. Take your generous portion out to the streets or sit at the long common zinc table. Either way, be prepared to experience enchantment!

Neve di Latte
Via Luigi Poletti 6
00196 Roma

+39 06 320 8485

Menu: around 5 EUR