Navigate the canals of Imperial Beijing

Navigate the canals of Imperial Beijing

Despite appearances, Beijing was built around the major water points, vestiges of a bygone era.

In the west side of the city, take a walk on the rivers that once connected the Summer Palace to the various lakes. Not all of them are still operational, but it is still possible to travel on the water starting from the northern gate of the Purple Bamboo Park, the starting point of many boats going to the Summer Palace.

The journey takes approximately 30 minutes and will offer you the rare pleasure of being out on the water amidst weeping willows: a significant moment of tranquillity in this busy city. After crossing the majestic Jade Belt bridge with its unique architecture, you will land on the shores of Kunming Lake, near the palace.

Why not finish this maritime excursion on an electric or paddle-boat and see the Shifang, the enigmatic marble vessel for which Empress Cixi emptied the coffers of the kingdom ?

Purple Bamboo Park (Zizhuyuan Lu Park)
Haidian District

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