National Museum of Colombia: diving into culture

National Museum of Colombia: diving into culture

A complete overview of the heritage of the nation in a more-than-original building.

Set in 'El Panóptico', this building in the shape of a Greek cross was designed by an English architect to serve as a prison. It is now the oldest museum in Bogotá.

On three floors, doors with iron bars open onto 17 rooms that chronologically offer the archaeology, history, and art of the country. There is a wide range of works, objects, and testimonies, including the astonishing Muiscas mummies dating back 1,500 years, Francisco Pizarro's standard, and a room dedicated to Botero that traces his artistic life. The archaeology section chooses to show pre-Colombian art from the different regions along the river that runs through the whole country, the Rio Magdalena. In this section the entire period of the Spanish conquest is also presented. The historical part is based around three main themes: the role of the figure of the hero, the place of women in the creation of the nation, and the traditions and evolution in how the anniversary of independence is celebrated.

Museo Nacional de Colombia
Carrera. 7, 28-66

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