Natural History Museum: for history buffs of all ages

Natural History Museum: for history buffs of all ages

An afternoon won't be enough to take in all the museum has to offer.

In South Kensington, near the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum, the world famous Natural History Museum has a breath-taking collection of over 80 million specimens covering billions of years.

Upon your arrival, the building's Romanesque architecture will first captivate you, after which you'll move on to see the treasures of the museum, ranging from Darwin's samples to gigantic dinosaur bones. You simply cannot miss the diplodocus skeleton that has been sitting in the lobby for more than 35 years and which will be replaced in the summer of 2017 by a blue whale skeleton. The collections from the travels of explorer James Cook are also on hand.

The museum is divided into four zones to facilitate the visit. Each year, the Natural History Museum welcomes more than 5 million visitors. Admission is free and there is often a queue, but don't worry, it moves rather quickly.

Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road

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